Insurance Solutions

Indemnity Bond

Surety Bond is a new insurance product that can meet the guarantee needs of the private sector, especially in public tender processes, and will create an alternative to letters of guarantee issued by banks.

While participating in the tenders, you can present the surety bonds issued within the scope of the Surety Insurance instead of the letter of guarantee, so you can ensure that the credit limits are used in other areas.

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Engineering Insurances

With our experience and expertise in the engineering branch, we provide the most suitable coverage structure for your risk needs, and we are always with you in case of a possible damage.

  • Construction All Risk Insurances
  • Mounting All Risk Insurances
  • Electronic Device Insurances
  • Machine breakage insurances

Commercial Insurances

We offer effective solutions for your workplace with our expert staff who can manage the most difficult and complex risks and our partners who can meet your risk demands.

  • Fire Insurances
  • Loss of Profit Insurances
  • Theft Insurances
  • Commodity Subscription Insurance

Liability Insurances

We offer solutions to minimize the financial losses that your responsibilities arising from your activities will bring to you.

  • Employer Financial Liability Insurances
  • 3rd Party Liability Insurance
  • Professional Financial Liability Insurances
  • Product Liability - Product Recall - Product Warranty
  • Executive Liability Insurances

Transportation Insurance

We offer sectoral solutions in Transportation Insurance with our fast and efficient operation and our partners who have high risk acceptance criteria.

  • Commodity Insurance
  • Asset Insurance
  • Carrier Liability Insurance
  • Boat and Yacht Insurances

Special Risk Insurances

We offer tailor-made solutions to the needs of our customers operating in specialized fields such as energy, aviation, infrastructure projects, mining.

  • Energy Insurances
  • Surety Bond Insurances
  • Cyber Risk Insurance
  • Aviation Insurance

Trade Receivables Insurance

We offer solutions where you can transfer your receivable risks, predict and resolve payment delays, and enable you to focus only on the growth of your company.

  • Securing domestic and international term receivables.
  • Monitoring of buyer credibility
  • Opportunity to enter new markets and increase market share
  • Keeping the financial structures strong along with securing the receivables.

Health and Group Health Insurances

In addition to your health expenses, we produce privileged solutions to meet the diagnosis and treatment procedures you may need, in the institution you want, without financial worries.

  • Individual Health Insurances
  • Corporate (Group) Health Insurances
  • Complementary Health Insurance

Individual Insurances

We aim for long-term cooperation by ensuring the satisfaction of our individual customers, and we produce comfortable solutions by offering the insurance products they need.

  • Vehicle and Housing Insurances
  • Liability Insurances
  • Compulsory Insurances
  • Specific products such as Collectible Fuses and more....