Risk Assessment and Consultancy Service

Evaluating your operational risks and responsibilities, we first focus on preventive and corrective factors for the possibility of the realization of the risk, produce crisis scenarios related to the possibility of the risk to occur and the damages it will cause, and prepare the insurance program that will effectively manage the crisis.

Determination of Coverage and Conditions

With our effective research methods and productivity, we provide the placement that completes the risk report we have prepared and the coverage structure suitable for the related insurance program from both domestic and international world markets.

Technical and Operational Services

Each of our experts in the technical and operations unit has experience and knowledge on a branch basis and assumes an effective role in risk management by working in coordination with sales and other units. Preparation of proposals, policy making and all operational activities during the service period are carried out with modern methods and care.

Damage Management Services

Our damage unit uses all its efforts to eliminate the crisis that occurs after the damage. From the moment of damage, it manages all processes with an effective and solution-oriented approach by providing continuous coordination with the customer, insurance companies, experts, assistance and other service units.